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Geek sex is a forum for intelligent and educated discussion about sex, sexuality, dating, and relationships. That doesn't mean that you need to know everything there is to know about sex to be a member. What it does mean is that you need to be interested in learning about sex, thinking about sexuality, and getting to know yourself, your body, and the people around you a little better. With a sense of humour. There's no reason that thinking critically about sex and sexuality should be dry and dull. Sex is fun. Thinking and talking about it should be fun too.

We have a new radio show called Geek Sex. Over the next eight months, we will explore topics relevant to issues of sexuality, sexual politics, and sexual health. Focusing on research, discussion, and critical thinking in combination with personal experience and interviews, we will take an interesting and informative look at sex. We would like this community to be experience based, yet critical and informed.

Relevant posts include interesting information related to sex that you'd like to share or discuss. This could be something new you found out about the body, or something that's going on in the news that's related to sexual politics and/or control, or anything else that fits the community guidelines.

Posting about your personal experience can also be relevant. If you wish to share and discuss your recent experience with the G-Spot, for example, please feel free to do that. This does not mean that we want a running commentary about all the really crazy, cool, sex you had last night. We will not tolerate the posting of sexual escapades for the sake of looking cool. We are not cool. We do not care how much Really Cool Sex you are having. We are, however, interested in the many different ways that people can experience sexual activities, and we'd love to learn from those things as we all discuss them.

If you have questions about sex, sexuality, dating, or relationships, posting those would also be valid. We will do our best to find an answer. Perhaps other members will know more about the subject than we do. Hopefully we can all learn from discussing these things.

This is meant to be an alternative to communities and sites providing bogus 'sexual information' based on urban legend or a vague understanding of biology. Please try to think critically about everything you see here, and use your brain when discussing things. The fact that you once heard that having sex standing up prevents pregnancy does not mean that it's true, and we won't tolerate that sort of response here.

Finally, in order for there to be open discussion here, we need to maintain a non-judgmental atmosphere. People need to feel safe enough to post about some very personal issues. We all have our opinions and preferences. Sometimes they will be different. Your opinions need to be backed up by more than gut feeling to be valid here. If you have nothing nice to say, and nothing concrete behind it, you can keep it to yourself.

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